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We believe insights and strategy have the power to crystallize, redefine, and transform brands, shaping how they manifest in culture. Our team guides the strategic direction for global brands, serves as a bridge between businesses and users, shapes our approaches, and translates strategies into creative activations.

We uncover actionable insights that solve complex business challenges. We keep a pulse on culture and trends, develop the “why” behind the “what,” and ask provocative questions. Our integrated team works collaboratively with creative partners across our network to leverage strategic inputs that shape brand platforms, experience innovation, and, ultimately, business results.

We’re proud to deliver proven outcomes with impact—driving business performance for some of the most coveted start-ups and recognized Fortune 100 brands in the world.

Brands are an ever-present lens through which people view, experience, and connect with the world around them. Whether crafting a brand’s meaning from the ground up or repositioning a brand to thrive in the marketplace—we believe a brand is a fundamental construct that translates a business vision into relevant user experiences.

Intricately linked, brands and culture mutually inform, influence, and inspire each other. Today’s world is ever-evolving, and brands must be too. Successful brands balance a long standing core ideology with a strategic response to cultural shifts. We create those compelling brands—cultivating them to be active cultural participants that connect with their users through purpose, engagement, and experiences.


Research user behaviors, needs, and desires to fuel deep understanding. Evaluate competitors, industries, and culture to identify white space opportunity. Inform and validate our work. Spark compelling creative outcomes. Ensure resonance and results.


Articulate an organization’s vision. Define a brand’s distinct positioning and point-of-view in the marketplace. Create purpose at a foundational level. Build meaning for consumers, employees, users, and key stakeholders. Establish a clear, focused filter for decision-making. Inspire a holistic brand expression.


Influence brand actions and behaviors. Activate a brand’s story and personality into the marketplace. Translate insights into solutions. Engage and connect with users across all touchpoints of a brand journey. Leverage the power of strategic messaging and design.


Evolve businesses and transform brands. Disrupt industries. Expand into new categories. Plan for emerging user needs and values. Anticipate emerging trends and cultural shifts. Explore, ideate and envision possibilities for the future.

Innovation Workshop

Evolving the Workplace

The looming concept of “returning to work” provides organizations the opportunity to reexamine and reimagine who they are, how they work, and how they can evolve. Our collaborative, cross-functional workshops spark innovation, foster a user-centric design, and get cross-functional teams working toward a common goal.

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Strategy Offerings

  • Consumer, Shopper & User Insights
  • Market & Trend Assessments
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand & Experience Architecture
  • Brand Portfolio Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Communication Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Strategic Session Planning & Facilitation

Our cross-functional team is experienced across all practices, drawing inspiration and knowledge from outside industries to deliver the best outcome for your brand and a differentiated experience for the end-user.


At NELSON, we are committed to helping you meet your brand and business goals through actionable solutions. With our diverse portfolio of work and integrated skill sets, we offer all the services you need to bring your vision to life.

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