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We teamed up with The Container Store, the country’s leading retailer of storage and organization products, to design and create the “Next Generation Store” concept in Dallas, Texas.  

The tech savvy concept leverages both design and technology to reimagine the shopper journey. The space includes “The Organization Studio,” a hip lounge area, a Custom Closet Studio, and an expanded kitchen section.

The new design opens sightlines, providing a more seamless experience for the shopper, and merchandising hierarchy creates clarity. New fixtures arranged by category cultivate storytelling moments for specific products and sub-categories. A special section at the front of the store called “First Things First” showcases The Container Store’s most innovative products that represent the fundamentals of organization, preventing intimidation and helping customers understand how to start small and take it one step at a time. 

The new prototype feels more like a specialty shop rather than a big box environment, allowing for more personalized customer service and a proactive approach for offering solutions.