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New Relic, a technology company that develops cloud-based software, has established offices across the world and now Atlanta, Georgia. Working closely with the brand, NELSON helped to design and develop a new workspace that draws influences from the brand’s passion to celebrate STEAM and the vibrant culture and rich history of Atlanta.

Within the space, clean architectural lines, mixed metal tones, and warm woods reflect the city’s past while drawing its color palette from the lush green landscapes, local flora, and geology. Through this celebration of history, in combination with a biophilic palette, the design team purposefully struck a balance between architecture and nature.

Additionally, New Relic longed for a workspace that satisfied all facets of employee wellness through amenities and furnishings. A variety of spaces, including communal areas, private phone rooms, sit-to-stand desks, and collaboration zones were all incorporated to meet the demands of evolving work styles. Rather than having employees be stagnant at their desks, movement is encouraged through flexible workstations—giving employees a lot more autonomy over how they choose to get their work done.

The new Atlanta headquarters will be instrumental in driving the latest phase of the company’s growth and will become a space that enhances recruitment initiatives, solidifies talent retention, fosters ideas, and harnesses the power of creative thought.