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Perkins Coie, a prominent international law firm, was looking for a new world class office space to accommodate its continued growth in Chicago and the Midwest. After deciding on a new landmark office space in the heart of downtown Chicago, our design team worked closely with the brand to develop an engaging space that sheds light on both individuality, diversity, and local communities while maintaining historic design stories from Perkins Coie’s previous office.

The all-new state-of-the-art workspace, that spans three-and-a-half floors, incorporates a large upfront conference center on the 34th floor that easily transforms for smaller spaces to accommodate a range of events and meetings. Conference rooms are equipped with hospitality centers for drinks and small bites, facilitating set-up for smaller meetings and events. Satisfying individuality, the design team worked in various break-out zones that give employees autonomy to choose and control their workspaces and environments.

The new space incorporates color and design stories from the firm’s previous office that heavily resonated with the staff. The team was most fond of the timeless design orientation. To bring life to some of those older elements that the team was most familiar with, the design team incorporated dark and softer tones of wood—specifically oak and deep browns. Today, all three floors embody a crisp and clean design that radiates modernity and luxe design.

Staying in line with Perkins Coie’s vision to have an open, engaging, and inclusive work environment, all offices are within the interior of the floor plan, and there are no corner offices. Doing so allows more opportunities for collaboration and break-out spaces on the exterior with stunning views of the Chicago cityscape and Lake Michigan. A large café and lounge flooded with natural light offers spaces for communal lunches, brainstorms, and events.