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To design the brand new Publix grocery store and two adjacent retail suites at Epperson Ranch’s Innovation Springs mixed-use complex in the up-and-coming Wesley Chapel, Florida, Ryan Companies appointed its partners at NELSON Worldwide as architect.

While Publix oversees the interiors of all their store locations, our team was pivotal in turning the exterior prototypical design into something special for the community, elevating the aesthetics of the grocery store and its adjacent liquor store and nail salon. With Publix’s prototypical design as the foundation, our team of experts adapted the store’s external facade to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, drawing architectural inspiration from the nearby recreational lagoon. Likewise, we selected a color palette to harmonize and integrate with the existing area.

Our design team demonstrated expertise through thoughtful planning and meticulous attention to detail, meeting Publix’s specific guidelines, such as signage placement and architectural elements, which were predetermined by its national brand marketing strategies.

The teams successfully integrated these elements into the overall design, maintaining the project’s aesthetic appeal and delivering a result that both NELSON and Publix can be proud of. The project’s success will persist as our partnership with Publix continues on future stores.