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We partnered with Yankee Candle to develop a new store concept that would resonate with loyal customers while inspiring and connecting with a new audience. The concept called “World of Fragrance” transforms the overall customer journey into the world of an iconic candle brand and reframes the way people are introduced to, and shop for fragrances. Through a series of residential cues, shoppers can explore and curate personal fragrances, rediscovering what makes their home scents unique. 

A new merchandising strategy allows products to be organized by the mood they convey such as entertain, refresh, gather, relax, and retreat. This strays away from traditional, more literal categories and focuses more on highlighting everything the brand has to offer. 

A large customization table in the heart of the store promotes a central gathering space with sample-size testers, allowing customers to experiment and test their favorite fragrances and curate their own scent portfolios. They can also customize candle labels with a photo of their choice along with a personal message, a popular Yankee Candle offering at most retail locations.  

The new store concept creates an unforgettable sensory experience for shoppers, while positioning Yankee Candle as a leading home fragrance company.