This August, I took off on a 10-day adventure through Iceland and the Faroe Islands (a self-governing archipelago and part of the kingdom of Denmark). Before leaving, we booked a different place to stay every night and planned our personal excursions based on where our next night of sleep was. Every day had a different series of activities. Entirely self-guided, we did a lot of research and created an interactive Google map before we left to make travel as easy as possible…and I must say the hours of research were so worth it!

Our first flight landed us in Reykjavik where we picked up our rental car. From here we took a full drive around Ring Road, the country’s most famous route that roughly circles the perimeter of Iceland. We decided to explore Ring Road in a clockwise direction, saving the “Golden Circle” for last as we knew it would be the most crowded. We only packed carryon luggage and snacks which was more than enough.

After an exciting, whirlwind week traveling around Iceland, the second leg of our trip landed us in Copenhagen for 8 hours. We enjoyed this city for the time we had and by surprise, I spent some of it at a foreign hair salon.  Damaged by the sulfuric acid produced by geothermal fumaroles in Iceland the bottom three inches of my hair was done for, so, I was convinced to buck up and get a haircut before our next flight to the Faroe Islands.

The last three days of our trip was spent driving around the Faroe Islands. Here I was able to witness the most remote landscapes I’ve ever seen. The sense of absolute desolation and feeling of being impossibly small made me rethink my own priorities and comfort zone; It was an emotional ride for me. While on the islands, we explored the capital of Torshavn, hiked Mulafossur waterfall, took a ferry to the long hike to Kallur lighthouse, and spent a lot of time feeling deeply connected to the world around us. The highlight? Standing on the windy cliffs of Trollanes, looking over the Atlantic Ocean, feeling absolutely comfortable in my own fear.

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