“Let’s sit down and sign a contract. It will last for 10 years, and it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. What you’ll get out of the deal will be an office. Yes, an office: the physical real estate that was deemed unsafe by the pandemic, and which continues to be an uncertain space for human use. The remote work of the lockdown days has evolved, post-pandemic, into here-today-­gone-tomorrow hybrid work. As a result, office spaces are often occupied only some of the time, and in some cities they are virtual ghost towns, stacked in vertical ghost buildings, filling ghost blocks.

With high vacancy and low demand, the debts coming due on many of these buildings may simply be unpayable. But office spaces in general are not dead.” (Fast Company)

Haril Pandya, Principal and National Practice Leader, Asset Strategy, shares why it’s a good time to be a tenant with Fast Company.