Recently, I had an opportunity to take in Amsterdam, a city that has somehow eluded me in my travels. Free time was limited so my exploration was fast and furious. It would have been tragic if I were to have made my way back home without gleaning something meaningful in the form of inspiration. I had long heard the stories and the tourist-y trappings of what makes the city world-famous, but I remained determined to sneak in an opportunity to develop an enlightened perspective on the city, it’s culture and of course, it’s design. 

Peep the slideshows for a blurred peek at some of what inspired me along the way. Highlights include simply walking the neighborhoods avoiding bicycles, soaking in the charm of the cities many canals, deciphering the quirky architecture, foraging into hotels for hospitality and sustenance, dipping into record shops, a trip to the MOCO for a street art exhibit, a random neighborhood art fair/ street festival, window shopping antiques, and a long-anticipated peruse through the Droog experience. I can’t wait to get back!

Architecture + Design