As designers, we find inspiration all around us. Whether it’s a culinary experience in a new country, a hotel stay in a new city, or even within our own homes, we are constantly discovering ways to evolve and innovate to come up with fresh, intentional, and emotive designs for our clients. To express our love for hospitality and the projects we create, we asked a handful of our colleagues from the hospitality practice to share the words and images that bring them inspiration.


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“Hospitality is about designing the perfect escape for guests, creating something they can’t experience at home.”

-Mike Davin, Technical Director

Project Spotlight

Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa




“The sights, sounds, and smells of new experiences, especially when shared with others, kindles my love for hospitality.”

-Alex Campbell, Studio Director, Hospitality Architecture

Project Spotlight

Hyatt House Nashville




“I love hospitality for its ability to connect people with places. Hospitality is something that cannot be confined – its love and spirit it transpires in communities, and it has the power to engage bring out the playful, unexpected nature of life that I really enjoy.”

-Amy Conroy, Interior Designer

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We love crafting memorable experiences that attract, connect, and engage loyal guests. From new, focused-service brands to luxury destination resorts and casinos, our team delivers creative solutions that lead to unique and memorable experiences for guests.

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