Foreword: Every 3 years, 100,000+ visitors flock to an international destination to experience all things retail. Hailed as the “Global Retail Trade Fair,” EuroShop covers all things retail related, from store design to visual merchandising. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the event offers 17 exhibition halls within 19 different buildings.  A group of lucky FRCH-ers made the trip this year and will be sharing global trends and inspiration from the conference and nearby travel all week!

The Borough Market has existed in one form or another for nearly 1,000 years and if you’ve ever visited this London institution, you understand it’s centuries-old appeal.

Positioned at the foot of London Bridge in Southwark, the market is a sprawling delight for the senses. Over 100 restaurants, stalls and shops meander along, with beautifully presented arrays of both domestic and exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as charcuterie, artisan foods, cheeses and flowers … and practically everything in between! It’s no surprise that this market is considered “London’s Larder”. The meat pies and sweets that we shared were delicious and easy to munch on as we strolled through this beautiful, high-energy, must-see food market.