Foreword: Every 3 years, 100,000+ visitors flock to an international destination to experience all things retail. Hailed as the “Global Retail Trade Fair,” EuroShop covers all things retail related, from store design to visual merchandising. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the event offers 17 exhibition halls within 19 different buildings.  A group of lucky FRCH-ers made the trip this year and will be sharing global trends and inspiration from the conference and nearby travel all week!

Today, we had the opportunity to visit the Paustian House on the waterfront in Copenhagen. A curated “House” (as they call the showroom) includes exquisitely designed and crafted furniture – Paustian’s own pieces, as well as well known designer brands like Knoll and Vitra. The building houses a wide range of international and Danish designer furniture and accessories as well as lighting and rug departments.

The Paustian building was designed by the world famous architect Jørn Utzon in 1987, and the extension by his son, architect Kim Utzon, in 2010. The extension beautifully completes the original building.

It’s a must-see destination for the passionate designer and lover of modern furniture and the scale of the “House” is as stunning as the furniture inside!