The boundaries between being physically in or out of the office are collapsing and lessons from this global work-from-home experiment will have a lasting effect on the role of the office. Now more than ever, workplaces must evolve like a living ecosystem. More than a real estate asset, these spaces are a physical manifestation of a company’s brand, vision, mission, and values. Inspiring collaboration and brand advocacy, increasing productivity, and unifying teams around a common purpose. The future workplace will support a different lifestyle, where employee well-being and technology are interconnected, and amenities and service offerings will no longer be perks, and instead necessities.

As designers, architects, and innovators, we put our heads together to create a vibrant, intuitive, and versatile collaboration space called The Nexus. This office oasis will provide a variety of ways for employees to work away from their desks and offices and collaborate together. We invite you to The Nexus, the future of collaboration.

The Nexus provides a space for everyone: an intuitive and diverse food and beverage offering, a buzzing collaborative space, in addition to quiet spots for solo work and concentration.


The Nexus works for everyone. Seating varies from comfortable, soft lounge furniture, to ergonomic desk chairs, for varied forms of work. Furniture is modular so those wanting to collaborate can push chairs together or pull them apart to work alone without feeling lonely. The solution is to empower users to control their surroundings or experience based on personal preferences.

An elevated food and beverage concept resides within The Nexus, allowing employees to access healthy snacks, drinks, and meals without having to leave the office. A food window allows easy and safe access to food delivery orders, ensuring a no-contact transfer from the delivery person to the employee, additionally food never has to leave the collaboration space and can stay contained to one area.

Key features:

  • Personal lounge chairs for privacy
  • Furniture pieces that are flexible and allow individual work or working together
  • Elevated food and beverage concept with access to healthy breakfast and lunch options


WELL building standards are incorporated throughout including, access to light and views, healthy food options, and variety and choice in how you work though the day as demonstrated with a plethora of work settings. Germ mitigation has been addressed by reducing touch points at cabinets by using only open shelving, selecting easily cleanable, wipeable surfaces made of anti-microbial and bleach cleanable materials.

Key features:

  • Open shelving to reduce touchpoints
  • Easily cleanable, wipeable surfaces made of anti-microbial and bleach cleanable materials
  • Enclosed, hot and cold food storage windows for third party deliveries


Technology is embedded throughout to offer various solutions: to enhance the “phygital” experience, minimize touchpoints, mitigate the spread of germs, and to monitor the amount of people using the space at one time. The most innovative technology within the space is the centrally located Zoom Wall. It can be used as a looping live stream of employees working from home, or it can be used to display recent company news, highlight teammate hobbies, or be the backdrop during an all hands meeting. Telepresence cubbies are set up with seamless technology so someone working from the office can easily meet virtually with someone working remotely.

An IWMS is installed and used for tracking, reserving, monitoring seating areas. Employees can book a spot on-demand through an app on their mobile device, or view availability from their desk before even entering the collaboration area. High touch surfaces like faucets, appliances, and light switches are powered by motion-sensor controls to mitigate the spread of germs.

Key features:

  • Double sided technology wall to engage office culture while not all teammates are in the office
  • Built-in millwork booth with personal video conferencing

The Nexus is the reinvigorated hub all future workplaces need. It embodies collaboration, innovation, and wellness, while offering a home-like retreat to match each employee’s unique journey and lifestyle.

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