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During this uncertain time, our team is committed to putting our clients, teammates, and communities first. As working from home becomes the new normal, rest assured we’ll continue to provide bold ideas and unexpected solutions to help you face the challenges of today, and the unpredictability of tomorrow.

Return to Work

Intuitive Workplace Toolkit

Never-before-seen cultural shifts are changing the office dynamic forever. Worker behaviors have evolved and employers must adjust their return to work strategies accordingly. Companies that thrive in the next “normal” will distinguish themselves by creatively exploring and redefining their “how” – and NELSON can help.

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Space Planning & Assessment in Response to COVID

As we collectively transition into the next phase of COVID-19 containment, we’re here to guide you through the process of assessing your space based on your company’s approach to returning to your workplace. Our tiered service packs allow you to quickly assess your needs and identify what’s right for you.

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Return to Work Survey

Evolving Workforce Expectations

Learn more about NELSON Worldwide’s proprietary research study on emerging employee expectations to better determine the impact COVID-19 has had on work environments and employee engagement. We uncover insights that will help drive your re-entry strategy and provide support and context for future decisions.



Environmental Graphic Design After COVID-19: Leveraging EGD to create engaging experiences

As the world continues to adapt and change, we seek to understand what some of the more unseen impacts may be. Graphic design is incorporated into every aspect of our lives in ways we aren’t always consciously aware of. It will influence our environments post-pandemic by focusing on ways to communicate new rules and processes, providing clarity on expectations, establishing a sense of community, and creating continuity for the future. 

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Omni-Dimensional Convergence

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred an overnight disruption to our daily lives—driving unprecedented shifts in every business sector. As hubs of commerce that span almost every sector, shopping centers and mixed-use properties will be forced to juggle a myriad of “new norms.” Download the report to uncover six key shifts that will drive the future of the retail and mixed-use industries.

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Retail After Covid-19: A New Connected Economy

Robyn Novak of NELSON shares insight on the new, Connected Economy. One that places more value in meaningful experiences with a focus on authentic human connection, supported by revolutionary new technology that allows consumers greater access than ever before.

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Evolving Hospitality Trends: Reframed Rituals

The events of 2020 have fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with environments. Hotel brands must embrace a new, innovative mindset to better prepare for the future. These reframed rituals could be minor, but we may also see brands experiment at a larger scale by allowing guests more visibility and control in their experience.

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The Future of Food & Beverage

Restaurants are more than just a place to eat. They are where we gather, connect, and spend time with loved ones. But what will the industry look like after COVID-19? There are many factors that will shape the future of food and beverage, but at a minimum, the industry will be led by low touch and high impact experiences. Download the report to uncover the top four insights that will influence the future of food and beverage.

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COVID-19 Impact Assessment: Higher Education

NELSON Worldwide conducted a comprehensive evaluation of COVID-19’s impact across industries to arm our clients and partners with short- and long-term solutions to best respond, adapt, and innovate.

This Impact Assessment identifies macro trends and implications that will drive shifts in business models, brand development, and the design of built environments—and ultimately, shape the human experience for higher education environments.

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Work After Covid-19: Scalable Workplace Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced our society to accept a new normal, and these learned behaviors will cause a monumental shift in how we return to the workplace. A shift where every corporation must embrace a renewed sense of energy on creating environments that are safe, healthy, and inspiring to work in.

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NELSON Worldwide is committed to putting the wellbeing of our teammates, clients, and communities first. Learn more about the temporary measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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