In a recent work study with The Business Of Furniture, teammates Kristen Cerutti and Anne Gibson discussed how employers should shift their mindset from activity-based work to behavioral-based work to empower employees to choose how to work to perform at their best.

“There are no two people that think the same, that work the same, that utilize space in the same way. For me it’s less about labeling how many different people there are, it’s about getting employees and employers to understand no two people are going to function in their best capacity in the same way,” said Kristin Cerutti. “So, how can we provide space knowing that?” Cerutti describes neurodiversity a celebration and acceptance of the fact that no two brains think the same. There are groups of people that have enough in common neurologically to able placed into neurodivergent and neurotypical categories.

This leads to a concept designers at Nelson Worldwide have been exploring more lately— how employees are physically reacting to what they are doing. Anne Gibson, workplace leader at Nelson Worldwide explains activity-based working is focusing on supporting the task, which is important throughout the day, whether it’s concentrating on an individual assignment, collaborating with someone, or learning something in a large group setting. Behavior-based work adds a dimension of emotional support someone gets within the environment created. Read the full article here.