Meet Marco Oppici. Retail Design Leader at NELSON Worldwide. Based in New York City, Marco brings forth strong expertise in experiential design from luxury retail and hospitality, to visual arts and furniture design.

If you had 3 words to describe your brand, what would they be?

ENTRANCING, TAILORED, WITTY. Entrancing because I strive for a design that is not in your face but has the mysterious allure where you feel right on being part of it but not necessarily knowing why, or where there is a constant sense of discovery. Tailored for the almost maniacal attention to detail. Witty because I truly believe that we need a dash of humor in everything we do.


Q: Where did you grow up?

Milano, Italy, the capital of design and fashion where you are surrounded by good design in every aspect of everyday life, from the beautiful architecture to the wonderfully plated lunch dish served at any street café’. Growing up in Milano gave me the foundation to become a multi-disciplinary designer.


Q: Who inspires you/is your hero?

Many people from various aspects of life inspire me every day. One example is Carlo Scarpa, for his impeccable attention to details and innovative mindset but especially for his ability to make everything look/feel cool. He even made a cemetery (Brion Cemetery, Italy), look alluring.

Q: When people come over, what’s the one piece of art or furniture that’s an immediate conversation piece?

One of my passions (and major stress reliever) is painting. People visiting are often surprised by seeing this aspect of me, which I don’t usually publicize. Of the various pieces throughout my apartment, one that often strikes a conversation is a slightly unconventional portrait I made of my son.


I could not be more excited to join a team that is driven by the challenges and opportunities that the ever-evolving retail industry presents. As Retail Design Leader, I strive to create an impact through the diversification of trends and the incorporation of organic, more inclusive design.– Marco Oppici