Stephanie Windhorst has joined NELSON as Director, Accounts Receivable. Stephanie will direct NELSON’s collection activities to increase the number of successful collections. She will also oversee the collection of outstanding invoices to minimize profit loss, handling them properly, as well as develop goals that complement NELSON’s overarching business goals, leading a team of collections professionals to ensure they are met and exceeded.

Stephanie has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, joining the team with a track record of creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and teamwork. With excellent interpersonal skills and a unique blend of analytical and organizational abilities, Stephanie is well-equipped to empower, coach, and motivate team members to achieve maximum results and to establish and strengthen strategic client relationships.

Stephanie’s passion for accounts receivable and collections stands out in her extensive background in credit management, customer service, and accounts receivable management. Her career has focused on identifying process improvements to optimize workflow in the distribution sector, as well as the service industry. She hopes to put this expertise to use in identifying process improvements, while also inspiring collaboration and ingenuity, for the account receivable and collections team at NELSON.