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We worked with The Cordish Companies to revitalize the Xfinity Live! Complex. We needed to refresh the Philadelphia sports hub to attract more visitors and help it live up to its distinction as an entertainment destination.  

After a nearly five-month expansion and renovation, the entertainment district now offers the ideal gameday experience with new bar, food, and entertainment offerings, and a more holistic feel throughout. While each venue has its own unique dining experience, the Xfinity complex now boasts a more significant and cohesive personality.  

New, larger-than-life exterior graphics and consistent furniture, fixtures, and equipment elevate the venue. Every square foot of the exterior and much of the interior space, across the multiple venues, is enhanced. With the expansion, Xfinity now includes more than 52,000 square feet of outdoor space – demonstrating the goal to craft as much usable space from an existing footprint and creating the ultimate entertainment destination for years to come.