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We partnered with Windward Engineers and Consultants to design its new Harrisburg, Pennsylvania location. The goal was to create a vibrant new office that embraced employee wellness and incorporated innovative lighting solutions and more dynamic options for working. Key features of the new space include a café, various huddle rooms, a conference room, a wellness room, a lighting lab, print/copy space, and an out­door patio.  

One of the most unique features is a wellness lab, offering  a private place of respite for employees to step away from their desks in the open office area during the day. The special lighting in the wellness lab can match the color and intensity of the daylight or be selected by the employee.  

Our interior design team also worked closely with our in-house Environmental Graphic Design team to introduce Windward’s graphics representing motion throughout the office. We also integrated the Windward logo and quotes that tie back to the brand and their jobs as engineers.  

We collaborated with Windward on the lighting design, mixing eccentric lighting elements throughout the space to create a comfortable working environment with interesting visual vignettes.  The inclusion of the highly unique lighting lab allows for the creation and mock-up of a wide array of lighting fixtures, conditions, and control technologies.  

Reflecting the Windward brand and spirit, the two innovative firms created an efficient and proactive workspace that supports the Windward Engineering team’s needs.