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Wilson Elser, full-service law firm with offices throughout the country, desired a refreshed environment for their Las Vegas location that would complement the aesthetics of the firm’s recently renovated regional locations, while incorporating the identity of their Las Vegas locale, the desert landscape. The firm also hoped for a more agile workspace that could support each attorney’s unique needs.

The result is a welcoming, universal-sized office with unassigned workstations for employees who come into the office full-time, as well as those who are remote or visiting. These hoteling workstations have necessary storage space, and collaboration zones are incorporated throughout to accommodate a variety of work modes.

Perimeter offices feature glass fronts and windows specified with minimal frames to maximize the natural light filtering through. Open collaboration spaces that feel inclusive but retain a sense of privacy both visually and acoustically are positioned throughout the office. There are also private phone rooms and video conference rooms that are separated by glass panes or floor-to-ceiling wooden partitions characterized by geometric cutouts to heighten a sense of inclusivity. These architectural screens are meant to resemble the cracks of earth throughout the hard desert floors, while symbolizing a hub of energy from the flowing waters.

The color scheme takes advantage of neutral and earthy tones, with pops of deep reds, teals, and navy blue as well as an emphasis on wood textures that ground the space. Utilized as a client-facing hospitality space, a conference room and cafe are available to guests to provide a sense of privacy and division between client and employee.