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Challenged with transforming Two22 Tower, located in an emerging area of downtown Minneapolis, our design team recognized the need for an innovative approach to reach a new audience of tenants. The goal was to take advantage of the building’s busy foot traffic due to its connection to public transit, while activating dead space to increase utilization. Our team re-imagined the building to incorporate interactive amenities and modern design features to keep tenants and visitors engaged at every touchpoint. The design includes a monumental staircase in lieu of dated escalators, dedicated space in the main entry for a pop-up kiosk or small vendor, and a clear wayfinding strategy.

Our design team developed a strategic position that embraces the idea of the building as an energy outpost – wielding the dynamic character of the city’s core in this outpost destination for technology forward companies. The building experience delivers a new energy through responsive digital experiences that connect the user with the environment and varying levels of energy within the lobby areas that fully activate underutilized areas of the communal spaces. Intentional areas of tranquility including rooftop outdoor spaces and atrium gathering spaces provide a range of energy levels to allow the user to engage on their terms.