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We partnered with Toyota Research Institute (TRI) to deliver their cutting-edge Los Altos, California headquarters. This dynamic project had to house an advanced staff of researchers and scientistsand the labs and equipment necessary to do their innovative work, designing autonomous automobiles and robotics. Together with the TRI team, we tailored the workplace to attract top talentaccommodate future growth, and truly embody the brand across the three-level, 96,000 square-foot facility.  

The design leverages residential cues throughout, elevating the environment and the overall experience for employees. This was achieved by introducing furniture with wooden accents, taking advantage of soft, breathable fabrics, and utilizing Skyfold partitions in breakout areas to create a variety of environments.  

Our team juxtaposed the space’s high-tech features with influences of traditional Japanese Zen—a nod to the company’s origins. Meeting areas on the second floor are inspired by Japanese tea rooms, encouraging one-on-one conversations in a more relaxed setting. The second floor features flexible office and conference spaces that support collaboration. The third and final floor is home to executive offices and labs, allowing the data that’s been collected on the ground floor to be analyzed by researchers. 

The TRI brand is infused throughout, including hints of its hexagonal logo behind the reception desk, accompanied by delicate line drawings of TRI prototypes. Hexagonal lighting hanging above workstations also nods to the logoIn addition, a red, white, and grey color scheme alludes to the company’s corporate paletteAs a whole, the finished space addresses the infrastructure upgrades required to support TRI’s research and development teams, coupled with an interior design that reflects the DNA of the company’s roots.