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Thompson Hine wanted their renovated offices to be functional, flexible, and attractive to multiple generations of talent to showcase their brand as an innovative law firm in the Cleveland market. They also wanted staff, lawyers, and partners to embrace the change represented by the renovation. Understanding their goals and change management principles, our team helped create a multi-phased, office-wide engagement process, and a layered communications strategy.  

The internationally inspired, fresh, and sophisticated design solution spans six floors of more than 125,000 square feet of space impacting 450 employees. Keeping with the goal of innovation, technology is fully integrated into all conference rooms and gathering places to keep the extended Thompson Hine network close and present.  

Expansive windows take advantage of the firm’s locations near iconic Cleveland landmarks. The large open café has the feel of a welcoming hotel lobby. Sustainable design features include LED lighting, reused furniture, and locally sourced materials. The overall result encourages employees and clients to think differently, envision themselves as part of a larger network, and look for more ways to connect with each other, their clients, and the community.