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Located in Hackensack, New Jersey, our team partnered with Simon Properties and 5+ Design for an extensive interior and exterior refresh of The Shops at Riverside. Taking inspiration from museum architecture, the development’s new design provides a luxurious look and feel to showcase high-end brands and attract sophisticated customers. 

To fulfill the vision of museum-like opulence, the team specified a palette of white and neutrals on the walls, floors, and ceilings balanced with polished surfaces and mixed metals. The most awe-inspiring part of the renovation is its feature ceiling with a modern, geometric architectural style. Located 35 feet above the floor, the ceiling features skylights that allow for natural daylight to shine all through the Luxe Court and provide a wow factor.

The design team also developed a new entryway referred to as the Jewel Entrance, inspired by gemstones. As guests walk through this entrance, they are greeted by two, large living green walls, which were designed to emphasize the importance of wellness and provide a healthy green visual upon entry. In addition to these areas, a water feature provides a calming visual as well as seating for shoppers to take in the magnificent architecture. Sprinkled throughout the court are art sculptures surrounded by plants as an extra layer of biophilic design.  The organic shapes of the art pods and fountain provide a juxtaposition to the refined angles of the ceiling overhead.