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The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau is a private, nonprofit organization, responsible for sales and marketing for the Philadelphia Convention Center and global promotion of Philadelphia tourism. Amidst a transitional period, they commissioned us to design an open, flexible, cutting-edge work environment for their team.  

Our design is a sleek and modern space that captures the energy of the urban environment while providing a more collaborative workspace. In lieu of private offices, the floor plan includes bench seating for all tenures, including members of the executive team who now sit in the open area with staff, providing for greater transparency and communication.  

A central multi-purpose room, which utilizes flexible furniture, a movable wall, and plug-and-play technology, accommodates an array of functions. Open touchdown areas accommodate visiting off-site staff and encourage mobility within the office. A city mural tops off the design as an inspirational element and reminder of the organization’s ultimate mission.