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Our design team was challenged with transforming this office and manufacturing space into a dynamic workplace that would transport employees to a vibrant and inspiring destination, always being reminded of the mission. Located in Seattle, this two-story, 71,000-square-foot facility features equal parts office and manufacturing space, complete with a café and social lounge, and a variety of meeting spaces.

For security reasons, the office lacks windows and natural light, forcing our team to think outside of the box and create a bright and airy space through abstract environmental graphic design and artificial lighting. The most distinctive design element is a large focal wall between the café and the main stairwell. The fabric overlay, backlit with LED lighting resembles a starry sky and brings significant light and depth to the office. This transition moment at the stairway and focal wall is truly the cornerstone experience of the space and celebrates the connection between the two levels and links employees to each other.

Other materials used throughout the space include concrete floors, vinyl wall coverings, floor graphics, exposed wood, and perforated metal ceilings. The revitalized office space truly immerses employees in a whimsical environment, one that inspires them to do their best work, while embracing and promoting the company culture along the way.