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We worked with Premium Outlets to help create and implement an environmental graphics system for their Tampa outlets. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from key local attractions like Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, and the Museum of Science and Industry, the shopping destination needed graphics and wayfinding that fit with the tropical environment while allowing clear wayfinding to help visitors get around the 491,000 square-foot racetrack-style, open-air outlet.

Inspired by Gulf Coast architectural style and experiential graphics are used throughout. The signage pieces are designed to be directional beacons that draw visitors around the site, and soft watercolor hues, paired with stark white trims, blanket the site. Clapboard siding and coral stone bases give the design a framework to tie the entire graphics package together, while grounding it into the architecture. 

Wayfinding focuses on the five zoned entrances to the mall. Each entrance is given an identity of its own, and a distinctive, contrasting palette. Aside from color, branded patterns also provide an additional level of differentiation to each entrance and help the visitor navigate the site and return to their start point, stress-free. 

The new and improved environmental graphics and wayfinding scheme give Tampa Premium Outlets an upgraded look that better fits their surroundings.