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We worked with the Hyatt to re-create their entire hospitality experience through a lobby redesign in their downtown Louisville location. The design challenge was to develop a restaurant concept that would redefine hotel living. Located in the heart of Louisville’s entertainment district, the lobby needed to attract downtown nightlife and capture the carefree essence of Southern Kentucky living. 

The restaurant called Sway, is an abbreviation for the “Southern way,” and includes a modern design with hints of Kentucky heritage and bluegrass spirit. The concept embodies a traditional Southern home, with wooden-plank floors that meet reclaimed oak paneling on the walls, resembling a luxurious log cabin. The bar is positioned to the side of the lobby and serves as a gateway into the restaurant, establishing an exclusive feel. The restaurant is divided into sections beginning with a lounge area that opens to an outdoor porch featuring a modular window system that connects the interior of the space with the outside. The lounge leads into a formal dining room, where an additional private party room is divided from the restaurant by a glass case, stocked with Kentucky’s finest bourbons. Decorative artwork and furnishings set the tone capturing elements of Kentucky living, such as wild horses and a beautiful sunset. 

The reimagined lobby restaurant gives guests a taste of the “Southern Way” of living and caters to all types of experiences including intimate dining, comfortable socializing, lively gatherings, and more.