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Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann commissioned us to provide interior design services for their new location in New Orleans. Leaving behind a legacy building in the city, the biggest design challenge was keeping a historical feel while also capturing the client’s future vision with a fresh, timeless look. The team collaborated with executives to create a design plan that would capture all their needs.  

Key features include a large conference center with room for meetings and entertainment space, outdoor terraces, and refreshed restrooms, corridors, elevator lobbies, and stairwells in the building’s core. To pay subtle homage to their previous, more traditional space, the design team incorporated special trim in the corridors and black-and-white art of old New Orleans throughout the space. The team also created an interview room dubbed “The Pig Parlor,” after one of the firm’s founding partners. The casual, light-hearted room is unique and includes a life-size pig-shaped table, adding a highly customized and whimsical element to the new office.