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Soliant Health, one of the nation’s largest healthcare staffing organizations, recently opened a new office in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, with the goal to connect their employees in a collaborative and welcoming environment. To lead the design of its new workspace, Soliant Health selected our design team to create a two-floor, modern facility for staff and visitors coming in for interviews and meetings.

The new 26,041-square-foot space is dedicated to visitors and interview-focused work. The design prioritizes comfort and intimacy and incorporates five interview rooms with “L” shaped booths. These non-traditional rooms are doorless yet outfitted in blue-frosted glass that only covers half of the doorway. The design is meant to make interviewees feel comfortable, safe, and semi-transparent.

Conference rooms and a variety of small huddle rooms are also available for meetings and internal brainstorming sessions. The breakout rooms feature bar height tables, multiple coffee bar and lounge areas, and soft-seating collaboration spaces.

In addition to celebrating the company’s mission and branding through color, there is a large display case filled with shovels to highlight the firm’s unique culture. The shovels were adapted by leadership as a symbol of growth and are a part of their award process. Solidifying the sense of hospitality and the comforts of home, the design team brought in a local woodworker to craft a series of farmhouse-like tables to pay homage to Soliant’s culture, creating a more inviting and comforting workplace.