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Sinch, a Customer Communications Cloud powering meaningful conversations at scale, was looking to create a customized and highly magnetic space that presents employees and visitors with comfort, community, concentration, and choice of workspace in a brand-new way for their new office at 1 N Wacker Drive. The firm tapped our design team to create an office that embodies the theme of circularity, a comforting and human shape.

Dominated by bold yellows, warm-toned greens and grays, as well as oak and layered metal, the Sinch office design creates a familiar home-away-from-home atmosphere through materials, furniture, and lighting. The space reflects wellness and meaningful connection as the driving force behind the new human-centered office design. The Sinch office prioritizes the demands of the post-pandemic office and attracts employees and guests to “climb out of their computer screen” to see and be seen.

Similarly to working from home, the office design reflects a variety of workspaces including sofas, banquettes, islands, and traditional workstations to accommodate a need for focused work. Work spaces are not assigned, allowing employees to choose their own adventure, of sorts, and pick the space type that best supports their tasks or needs that day.


A priority for their new office, Sinch sought to bring wellness to the forefront of this post-pandemic design. The NELSON team identified the wellness room as a standalone design feature, creating a circular meditative retreat for employees. The space celebrates employee wellbeing and offers users a space to go to for a prayer, meditation, or moment of respite.