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Sephora tasked us with revamping the main entrance of their flagship store in Times Square. With all merchandise located on the lower level, we redesigned an eye-catching exterior and immersive lobby experience for the iconic beauty brand. The goal was to draw attention and entice customers to make their way to the lower level of the store.  

Larger-than-life digital design elements draw attention to the storefront, as well as inside the main lobby. Our team deconstructed Sephora’s signature black and white stripes on the outside of the building, incorporating digital movement, to attract street traffic inside.  

When customers arrive, angled mirrors directly above the escalators reflect Sephora’s products, displays, and beauty experts on the store’s lower level, inviting them downstairs. Changeable digital graphics are scattered throughout the store and can be transformed to feature different brand messages, seasonal displays, promotions, and more.  

The striking storefront and immersive lobby experience make Sephora’s flagship store a can’t-miss destination within the heart of Times Square.