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Hudson Pacific Properties tapped our design team to develop an innovative design that pushes the envelope, creating a space that seamlessly blends digital and analog aesthetics while appealing to tenants, brokers, and investors alike for their Corporate Showroom in Seattle, WA.

Upon entry to the office, guests are greeted with experiential moments that create connections to the Hudson Pacific brand and curate the journey from Reception to the Showroom entrance. As guests enter through the showroom portal for the big reveal, they are greeted with a large analog glass storytelling wall that walks them through a high-level overview of five distinct hallmarks of a Hudson Pacific building.

Once situated, the guests can immerse themselves in three different submarkets through a combination of dimensional acrylic models, lighting, and interactive touchscreens. This multi-sensory journey creates a one-of-a-kind experience that captivates, entertains, and educates.

Elevated materials and futuristic design elements, such as interactive model tables and floating analog displays, push technology and create an experiential space within the workplace. Sleek brass detailing and dark metal finishes partner with neutral wood tones, existing brick, velvet drapery and minimal pops of navy blue to elevate the look and feel.