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We established a relationship with Radian, a private mortgage insurance and risk management company, through a 25,000 square-foot technology center project. When the company needed a new headquarters facility in Philadelphia, they contracted with us again to design a solution that would reflect their forward-thinking and innovative spirit.

Situated across five and a half floors of the West Tower in Center Square, this 150,000 square-foot office creates a community atmosphere. The main floor hosts reception, an expansive work café for social gatherings, and a conference room which can hold meetings and training sessions for more than 600 of Radian’s on-site employees.

An interconnecting stair joins main floor reception with the executive area on the next level, and other floors accommodate employees with workstations situated along the window line to receive ample daylight exposure. Small pantries, game rooms, four phone rooms per floor, and a wellness room all provide respite and social spaces for employees. Our custom ceiling panels provide wayfinding on each floor, creating a cohesive look across this multi-floor headquarters.

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