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Working closely with Polaris, a premier manufacturer of outdoor motorsport vehicles, our team helped to reimagine the brand’s headquarters in Medina, Minnesota. Together, we created a space that prioritizes employee well-being, elevates the Polaris identity, and celebrates culture. The 124,528 square-foot facility includes upgraded workspaces, a showroom experience, a branded cafeteria, and a retail store.

For the workspace portion of the project, we created a concept that conveys the brand’s guiding principles: “Best People, Best Team,” and “Safety and Ethics Always.” With a spotlight on employee amenities, a variety of collaboration, and gathering zones were developed. This includes updated employee work cafes, a new boardroom, an executive pantry, and the refresh of all environmental graphics.

Integrating the workspace with the showroom and retail concepts presented an opportunity to add unique spaces that can be used by both employees and guests. As a result, open, collaborative spaces are included throughout the lobby and grand atrium. In the middle of the showroom experience is the reconceptualized Polaris retail store. Having the retail product and the vehicles experienced together in the same zone allowed the Polaris ride culture to come to life.

Overall, the reimagined space invites all shareholders to experience the Polaris culture. Today, the expansion and renovated headquarters is an all-encompassing physical representation of Polaris’s goals for its growing staff, brand, and company mission.