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In the market for a new headquarters, Pinnacle Wall Systems found themselves had clear search parameters: a warehouse boasting 18’-0” clear height ceilings and a minimum of 16,000 continuous SF, complemented by drive-in and standard loading docks. With meticulous planning, NELSON reimagined the office space, trimming it from approximately 11,000 square feet to around 9,500 square-feet, without sacrificing functionality.

The revamped layout introduced modern touches such as sleek glass-front private offices, an elevated boardroom/training room with a welcoming fireplace, and an expansive breakroom that was thoughtfully placed, utilizing glass elements from a former dock door. In addition to these enhancements, the project included the integration of new code-compliant restrooms and the creation of a fitness center featuring a showroom, promoting the well-being of Pinnacle Wall Systems’ staff.