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The recently constructed infrastructure building at the Pinellas County Jail campus stands as a vital hub, housing a central plant and master control, and facilitating laundry and food services for the entire jail operations. The design of this building incorporates a range of resiliency features aimed at ensuring the continuity of critical operations, even in the face of the most severe weather events and natural disasters.

At the heart of the campus, this infrastructure building serves as the nerve center and must remain operational at all times. To achieve this, a natural gas generator-based electrical and chilled water source has been implemented, allowing the building to function independently through the most extreme conditions. This capability ensures the provision of essential services, including food, cooling, and security controls, to the entire campus until local utilities are back online.

Recognizing the vulnerability of the facility to natural disasters, the kitchen, security controls, and central energy plant are intentionally elevated. This elevation strategy aims to raise these critical components above potential Category 5 storm surges, while the main first floor is elevated above the 500-year floodplain. Additionally, exterior windows are designed to withstand Miami-Dade Zone 5 186 mph wind loads, surpassing the local code-required 155 mph wind loads.

In essence, the new infrastructure building not only enhances the operational efficiency of the Pinellas County Jail campus but also places a strong emphasis on resilience and safety, ensuring the continued functioning of essential services under challenging circumstances.