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Patterson Companies sought to provide its hybrid workforce with a best-in-class workspace at their headquarters after recently downsizing and consolidating it with two existing satellite offices. Patterson Companies enlisted NELSON to reimagine the space and optimize it to better accommodate the workflow needs of employees. Making the most of a limited budget and rooted in the sustainable practice of interior reuse, Patterson Companies’ two-floor headquarters emerges as a sleek, fresh, and welcoming gathering place, enticing employees to socialize, collaborate, and be creative.


NELSON focused on strategically dividing space into neighborhoods to ensure longevity and adaptability to employees’ changing needs without creating a dense or sterile open office landscape. To provide employees with forward-thinking furniture solutions, new and progressive collaboration ensembles are also integrated into the office space. Touchdown areas are scattered throughout the office for focused and heads-down work – allowing hybrid employees to choose where they want to work when in the office.



An existing large-scale “We Are Patterson” 3-dimensional visual was relocated from one of the ancillary offices and re-installed within the large collaboration zone adjacent to the renovated cafeteria.  This strategic move helped set the tone for the bold brand positioning within the space. NELSON also helped the corporate marketing team bring their vision of an in-house TV studio to life. The studio is large enough for interchangeable sets and is equipped with the latest AV equipment to produce live-stream town halls and other video projects.

Finally, Patterson Companies prioritized employee wellness and satisfaction in the redesign, resulting in a diverse range of amenities and workstations to serve a variety of workflow needs, accommodating bike riders, trail enthusiasts, and new mothers.