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Old Mission Capital, a privately held trading organization headquartered in Chicago, recently tasked our team to relocate and reenergize their offices to attract and retain top talent for years to come. Ensuring the new office allowed employees to work comfortably throughout the day, we developed a space that prioritizes health and wellbeing and pays homage to the brand at every turn.

A dark color palette of navy and teal was selected to tie in brand colors and mitigate stress. Additionally, warm and natural materials, including refined walnut wood, leather and felt wall covering applications, and wooden slat walls. A geometric focal wall located in the main lobby features clean lines of leather tile and nods to the brand’s focus on trading and mathematics.

Staying conscious of the high-pressure assignments of traders, our team incorporated sit-to-stand desks so that employees could adjust their posture throughout the day. These ‘trader desks’ were specially designed to withstand the amount of power needed to support six monitors at the same time. Knowing traders view their screens for long periods of time each day, the space’s access to natural light was accentuated to improve worker satisfaction and regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms.

A coffee bar and a game room tucked away in the office’s back end serve as third spaces where employees can unwind, decompress, and socialize after a long workday. The new office is a sophisticated, efficient workspace that focuses on employee wellness and embraces the Old Mission Capital brand.