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We were challenged to deliver a refreshed and reinvented environment for global technology company NVIDIA in Santa Clara, California. This three-level, four-building campus was missing social lounges, natural light, warm textured aesthetics, and a connection to its other offices around the globe. Our team transformed the buildings to incorporate this vision.

NVIDIA’S co-located headquarters with its iconic architecture utilizing the company’s signature triangle served as our inspiration and was captured in details throughout. The new interior, designed with a neutral, textured palette, is complete with double-height ceilings in the lobby with centrally located social lounges on all three floors encouraging casual collisions. Conference space is incorporated into these lounges with glass walls offering views from the upper level areas to the lower-level lobby. The social lounges consist of a coffee bar and numerous communal seating arrangements for collaboration and support of varied work styles.

Our team is also reimagining a large, central outdoor social space in the heart of the four-building campus, which will bring employees together to enjoy various dining, meeting, social and green spaces.