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In continuation of our 18-year partnership spanning 500 projects and a 15-million square-foot portfolio with our multinational telecommunications client, we led a complete interior and exterior redesign of their 9,500-square-foot Executive Briefing Center in Basking Ridge, NJ. The result is a sleek, modern experiential showroom for their highest-level clientele of executives, including Fortune 500 CEOs and other key decision makers. This redesign creates in inviting space where executives, industry leaders, and subject matter experts can invite existing and prospective clients for demonstrations of their latest technology solutions and products in an innovative, flexible, and technologically immersive way.

Looking to achieve a design evolution, our team transformed the traditional built-in static display and presentation approach to a dynamic immersive incubation environment from which the company can educate and collaborate with clients on the capabilities of next-generation solutions.

The formal part of the visit starts with a briefing session for executives and their teams in a dedicated presentation room equipped to host in-person and additional remote attendees. The main destination and central experience of the facility is the ‘demo’ space, a large open area with a dramatic sloped 18-foot ceiling. Beginning with the “digital stage” for flexible gathering with an LED monitor spanning almost an entire wall on one side, the space seamlessly flows into groupings of retail-style mobile display units creating areas for workshops, product reviews and presentations.

The design takes advantage of large windows and a back patio that boasts views of the building’s beautifully landscaped surroundings; a juxtaposition of technology and nature that enhances the overall experience for visitors with comfortable outdoor seating and a drone landing pad.

NELSON’s design represents a significant evolution in how the client communicates and educates about their capabilities and addresses the company’s need for a more forward-thinking and technologically immersive flexible and adaptable environment. The thoughtful alignment with the client’s branding positions the location as a unique platform for high-level discussions and solution-driven interactions.