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The new Juvenile Justice Center for Monroe County transcends all current juvenile detention, placement, and courts facilities currently operating in the state of New York and most parts of the country. The justice campus includes detention and placement services for adjudicated juveniles, as well as transition and after care facilities to complete the comprehensive services for juvenile matters within one co-located system and campus. The center will fully engage the local community and all of its resources, including family, volunteers, mentors, religious and academic groups, community-based organization, local businesses and government, by making delinquency prevention a community priority.

The building houses boys and girls in detention and placement, and the unique organizational approach of this type of building provides the appropriate physical and operational environment for the mixed classification groups.

The groups will have sight and sound separation and the building will accommodate secure and non-secure zones and specific public, staff, and detainee circulation.

The new Justice Center is being built on a site adjacent to Monroe County psychiatric facilities. The campus organization includes a detention, placement and courts facility, and an after care facility. The site is organized to provide expansion growth for each building, as well as segregated public and private parking and access to the building.