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Men’s Wearhouse was looking to revitalize their in-store shopping experience. The brand sought our retail design expertise to take their traditional store format and transform it into a new, more modern and engaging iteration. The store’s new layout utilizes designated zones to amplify storytelling, craftsmanship, and heritage with a modern aesthetic.  

The goal was to elevate the brand’s specialties, going beyond suits to showcase their rental, customization, and broader lifestyle lines. Our team started by clearing sight lines to give shoppers  a view of everything the store has to offer. Laydown tables help customers visualize their entire look on a single surface and studio trays have been equipped with pre-styled looks to aid in the creative process. In addition, a digital and interactive screen has been embedded into the tabletop to help visualize the various customization options. The store also features a designated “World of Custom” area where guests can personalize their outfit details from head to toe. 

There is a spotlight wall on dress shirt offerings, sorted by color family, style, and size, and also includes an interactive tablet that helps customers find what they need, in their desired size and fit. Emphasizing further integration of technology, tablets also give customers the option to add items to their virtual fitting room—a tool that notifies a staff member to take the selections directly to the fitting room.  

The reimagined fitting rooms feature rich brown paneling and modern, patterned wallpaper design. Directly adjacent is a comfortable seating area comprising deep teal leather couches and white lounge chairs, offering a more hospitable experience for guests. The space is a true celebration of the perfect fit, elevating every aspect of the try-on journey and the interaction between the customer and the sales associate.