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We worked with The Kroger Company to create a community-driven concept store, vastly different than anything the grocer was accustomed to. The goal was to design a concept that made healthy eating simple, affordable, and fun. With the location already pre-selected, the challenge was to work within the current architecture and celebrate the local community while keeping the environment as authentic as possible. 

The result was Main & Vine, a 27,000 square-foot, fresh format grocery prototype in Gig Harbor, Washington. Original building features such as 100-year-old wood ceiling beams enhance the feeling of authenticity by paying homage to the initial structure. Blurred departmental lines, streamlined fixtures, and intuitive wayfinding invite a sense of culinary wanderlust. Interactive touchpoints put local first with fresh food at the center of an immersive experience. Elements from the Main & Vine concept store, including its identity and mark created by our team, are being repurposed in new Kroger stores, acting as a local, modern twist on the fresh-thinking brand.