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Magnet360, a technology-focused strategy firm, was looking for a larger and more dynamic workspace for its growing team. After deciding on a new office space located near downtown Minneapolis, our design team worked closely with the brand to develop a vibrant and playful workspace that celebrates the brand’s culture at every turn and accommodates the company’s highly collaborative workstyle. 

The new 30,000-square-foot office centers around two areas, a front “garage” space divided into a client-facing innovation/brainstorm area and corresponding living-room-style presentation space. The garage was designed to be comfortable for day-long work sessions and feature multi-touch screens and whiteboards used for workshops and collaboration sessions. Within the living-room-style space, a “center stage” allows for biweekly town hall meetings and musical performances– a tradition at Magnet360 town hall meetings.

Additional features of the space include an entry wall decorated with soundbars representing the frequencies of “Eye of the Tiger,” a song that reflects one of the company’s core values of unrelenting dedication. Employees also have access to a variety of other workspaces designed to fit different needs including the “Sound of Silence” space a heads-down workspace, treadmill desks that overlook the surrounding skyline, rooms for yoga and meditation, and a dedicated coffee shop space.