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We partnered with Macy’s to help renovate their historic downtown Brooklyn store. Located on the first four floors of the 11-story building, the revamp streamlined the design, taking the space from 378,000 square feet to 278,000 square feet. The overall renovation focused on elevating historical elements from the original architecture. 

The Macy’s Brooklyn design is a seamless balance between the iconic heritage of the brand and the modern flavor of its neighborhood. We kept the existing art deco influenced grand ceilings and columns as the historic framework and layered contemporary materials on top to achieve harmony between historic shape and modern texture. Three-dimensional wall treatments and wood finishes add texture and movement to the surrounding bright and airy space, while modern merchandising fixtures complement the architectural screens and wrappings throughout the store. Bold interior elements like a statement chandelier and wall treatments in the jewelry department reflect the urban chic culture of Brooklyn, inspiring curious shoppers to browse, relax and recharge.