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Levi’s challenged us to transform their stores from just “a place to buy Levi’s” to an immersive, connected, and culture-centric brand experience. The goal was to celebrate the iconic brand, deliver an engaging and relevant retail experience, and ultimately create a deeper connection with their loyal fans. We wanted to create an environment that empowers customers to rock their Levi’s any way they want.  

The result is a redefined canvas for consumers to channel their authentic self-expression. The Tailor Shop now resides at the heart of the store to promote the endless possibilities of customization, while showcasing all the possibilities for customers looking to add personal touches to their denim pieces. Here, consumers can find inspiration and collaborate, providing a more engaging experience rather than just a transactional interaction.   

Using unique, framed merchandise fixtures gives the opportunity to highlight seasonal lifestyle stories and mix and match products that can be styled from head to toe. Our team’s design focuses on hanging denim rather than “stack them high” denim walls of the past. These framed merchandise zones can also be used for brand collaborations, signature collections, product launches, and more. The next generation store design helps Levi’s speak their brand voice better than ever before.