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Levi’s new Paris ICON store, located in the heart of one of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations, is the latest addition to the brand’s distinguished fleet. Designed by NELSON Worldwide, this flagship store spans over 5,300 square feet across two levels, embodying Levi’s commitment to innovation and customer engagement. Levi’s aims to express its DNA by embracing its roots, allowing customers to be immersed in a wash of indigo that permeates the lighting, walls, ceiling, digital elements, and a large mural, commissioned by a local artist, wrapping the staircase—all inspired by Levi’s denim.

Upon entering, mannequins display a wide variety of stylized looks from the iconic 501’s and Trucker Jacket to the latest denim trends. As customers explore further, they encounter the 501 Vault, an area dedicated to showcasing the story of Levi’s most iconic apparel, enhancing the historical journey of the brand. Special custom fixtures are designed throughout the store to highlight the array of denim washes and styles, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

The new Levi’s Paris ICON location elevates the customer experience beyond the brand’s typical store design, aiming to foster a long-lasting relationship with visitors. This evolution of Levi’s Indigo retail concept, first introduced in 2020, focuses on storytelling and seamlessly integrating the essence of the Levi’s brand into every aspect of the shopping experience. The result is a unique, memorable visit that transforms the human experience in all dimensions, reflecting Levi’s rich heritage and innovative spirit.