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Levenfield Pearlstein (LP) engaged our design team to create a new, innovative workplace concept that goes beyond square footage reduction, offering private offices for every individual while simultaneously promoting enhanced collaboration and maximizing the abundance of natural daylight for all.

With a team of over 200 employees, finding a space that met immediate needs and anticipated future growth was crucial. Inspired by the Swedish term “lagom,” which embodies the idea of balance and the right amount, the design team carefully crafted a workspace that reflected LP’s values. Throughout the headquarters, the design choices were deliberate, showcasing strength and cleanliness while incorporating elements of tranquility and harmony.

Given that LP had been operating on a hybrid schedule for several years, NELSON closely examined these work patterns to ascertain the employees’ preferred workflows. Through this discovery, it became evident that consolidating the office space into a single full floor would be the most effective approach to promote increased employee interaction.

By reducing the footprint from a two-floor 53,000-square-foot office to a one floor 37,500-square-foot space, LP sought to create an environment that better supported their values and fostered greater collaboration among team members. Only one-third of the offices are specifically assigned, while the remaining 72 offices are available for all employees to reserve based on their individual needs and preferences. At LP, fostering equality among employees is a cornerstone of their culture. As a reflection of LP’s commitment to equality among employees, LP has eliminated the notion of having to wait a certain number of years to “earn” a desirable office space with natural light. Instead, every employee has the opportunity to enjoy an office with views, promoting equal access across the working environment.