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Our long standing partnership with KFC boasts a portfolio of several iconic projects including the development of the American Showman prototype. When KFC celebrated its 75th anniversarywwere charged with developing a cost-effective retrofit program to refresh the brand environment and create a modern design that celebrated the legacy of Colonel Sanders while also bringing his down-home values and showmanship to life.

The new design is a return to the brand’s roots. The honest, crafted finishes combined with bold graphics serve as an allusion to the Colonel’s hard-working background and celebrate his infamous entrepreneurial spark. Paint, finishes, and cladding transform the interior space to reflect an updated brand positioning while creating focal points throughout the dining experience. The exterior is designed with bold color, shutters, and architectural elements to communicate the dramatic transformation from the outside, in. 

The prototype gives the brand a modern look that captures the Colonel’s vintage flavor while marking a stark departure from the chain’s early décor, modeled on Sanders’ first restaurant which opened in 1952.